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Generico novembre 2021

Find a fake green card to go to the gym, the no Vax model has been scammed on the net

Genoa. He didn’t want to give up the gym but without a vaccine and without a tampon every two days he couldn’t go there. So, a Genoese model, opposed to vaccination, began searching on the Internet for a fake green pass, especially after hearing that it wasn’t hard to find.

Actually it was. A few clicks later, the young woman found a “merchant” willing to sell the certificate for 150 EUR. It took a few days for the model to realize it was her deceive Give A stranger blackmailed her by threatening to report herHe demands more money.

Story – after Complain to the Postal PoliceAnd – Narrated by Anas. The path followed by its financial cybercrime department Led to locate a house in Lazio and demanded Which thanks to his computer skills He has become the Italian reference for a group of Russian hackers Specialists in creating false green walkways.

In the course of the investigation it turned out The boy, who directly ran the Telegram channels on which the fake passes were offered for sale, user data to the Russian hacker who provided instructions on how to proceed with the payment.

In order to create a trusted certificate, the criminal group requested a copy of identification documents that were then used to open online accounts, credit cards, accounts on e-commerce platforms, or to carry out other crimes.

Within a few months, the boy managed to collect more than 20 thousand euros, which he invested in cryptocurrency, bot applications capable of multiplying Telegram members with fake users and the latest generation of electronic goods as well as beauty products and designer clothes, all items seized during searches.

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The boy’s parents, not connected to the facts, believed that the money earned by their son was the proceeds from the sale of online game upgrades. The investigation, directed by Deputy Public Prosecutor Federico Panicchi and coordinated by the Postal Police in Rome, is the subject of an in-depth analysis of any transnational developments.