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Financing 100 new creative home ideas

Airbnb near Weird and wonderful homes And the You will finance the construction of the ones that will win the WOW competition

Airbnb allocates $10 million to create the world's only lodging

The world is full of strange and unique houses, just scroll through the suggestions in Category “WOW” From Airbnb’s short-term rental portal to see tree houses, UFO-shaped or pyramidal dwellings, rather than prefab houses With original shapes and chambers obtained in drums or on stilts. But there is no absolute limit to creativity and that is why the platform is dedicated wow boxwith a value of $10 million, to support the construction of 100 new creative home ideas.

Thus, the 100 people who will be announced winners of the WOW competition will have the opportunity to create real homes for rent on Airbnb under the WOW category, which brings together the most original accommodations. Beneficiaries of the fund will be selected in the coming months by a jury made up of experts in experimental design and architecture and a WOW Class Airbnb host.

The goal is to complete the new spaces next year.

Surprising accommodations to respond to new trends

Over the past couple of years, the value of a home has been rediscovered, and at the same time, many people have adopted an increasingly flexible lifestyle.

Airbnb has found a growing interest in those homes that are also “experiences” and have become true travel destinations.

Airbnb allocates $10 million to create the world's only lodging

To make it easier to search for original homes, I’ve introduced search categories, including the WOW category. Which in the first month of its release was used by users 2.5 billion times, accompanying them to discover amazing and innovative places. More than 30,000 gorgeous homes around the world were added to Airbnb in 2021, and the number is set to rise in 2022.

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