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Inps, ok to lay off if temperature exceeds 35 degrees

Inps, ok to lay off if temperature exceeds 35 degrees

When can causal “weather events” be called –

As for Cigo services offered by INPS, the company can invoke “weather events” even if work is suspended or reduced due to high temperatures. In terms of “perceived” temperatures, these are significantly higher than true temperatures, given the particular type of processing being carried out.

Examples include road surface work, renovation of building facades and roofs, external works that require protective clothing, but also all stages of work that generally take place in places that cannot be protected from the sun or that involve the use of materials or operations that cannot be carried out. Withstand extreme heat.

It will not be necessary to attach weather reports –

INPS specifies that the company, in the CIGO application and in the technical report to be attached, shall indicate only the days of suspension or reduction of work activity and specify the type of work being carried out on those days, while it is not required to produce temperature validating data, nor to produce weather reports . In fact, INPS independently obtains weather reports and also evaluates the results in relation to the type of work being done.

Finally, it should be noted that regardless of the temperatures disclosed in the handouts, INPS recognizes the normal recurrence fund in all cases where the company’s director of safety orders a business suspension because it believes there are safety and health risks or hazards from workers, including It cases where the suspension is due to excessive temperatures.

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