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Fiat Topolino Disney: a tribute to two legends

Fiat Topolino Disney: a tribute to two legends

Happy birthday to Lingotto and Disney – Five Fiat Topolino Special, to celebrate an important double anniversary: ​​the centenary of the opening of the historic Lingotto factory and the first century of its history Disney, whose most famous animated character of the 1930s gave the title to the first Fiat 500, launched in 1936 and produced in three series until 1955, before being handed over to the 600 and Nova 500 in 1957, models of economic prosperity and mass engines, machines that made Fiat history And our society. Colorful ones Fiat Topolino Disney It fits authenticity and friendliness into the long tradition of the Turin company, which has always been a pioneer in the production of “popular” models that are above all practical, but also concerned with style and with a strong identity.

Designed by Mr – if Fiat Topolino Disney They’re a delightful tribute to two global icons whose legends are so powerful that they transcend the boundaries of the automobile and the world of animation. True comics on wheels, these special electric mini cars, which retain the mechanical base with the 8-horsepower motor and 5.5 kWh battery of regular Mickey Mouse, tell the wonderful world of Disney’s legendary mouse, which was invented by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks in 1928 and first landed in Italy after two years. Since then, there have been countless combinations of Comic books And starring in animation Baby mouse. Stories in which the human and animal kingdoms blend with unique magic, stories capable of making entire generations of adults and children dream. Many of these have been explained Giorgio Cavazzano, one of the most popular and revered Disney cartoonists of all time. Mr. Fennessy, born in 1947, began his career as an inker at the age of 12 and drew his first Disney story in 1967. He inked one of the five Disney Mickey Mouse characters, and works independently: his creativity is… Tribute to Mickey Mouse And thus to Disney World where Mickey Mouse is destined to live forever. A world made of stars, of dreams, of joy, of happiness.

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They will remain unique pieces – if Liver Of the other four Fiat Topolino Disney, unique in its ability to evoke the popular legend of Mickey Mouse, was born on the drawing tables of the Fiat Style Center. Look at them even for a moment: like this happywith those light strokes and those bright colors Suggesting a fantasy world but embodied in such fantastic imagination that it seems possible, Disney’s Mickey Mouse cars seem tailor-made to bring a touch of joy to our streets, filled with cars that now all look a little alike. But for now this will not be the case, because Fiat He has no plans to produce it, not even in small series or by selling personalization kits as in the case of the Citroën Ami, the French “cousin” of the Topolino. They will remain unique pieces, containers of stories, words and drawings, that make you fly from the real world to the imagination.