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Fedez to Belfi, Celentano's social courtesies arrive: “A kiss to…”

Fedez to Belfi, Celentano's social courtesies arrive: “A kiss to…”

“Hello Fedez! I loved you last night! You were strong!! A hug and a kiss for your Chiara!!!”: these are the words that Adriano Celentano released on social networks to compliment the Milanese rapper after the interview with Belve, the Rai 2 program presented by Francesca Fagnani Which was broadcast yesterday in prime time. The chat presented by the singer, which was also widely successful in terms of ratings. After an excellent debut last week, in fact, the program continues its ascent and raises the stock bar by more than two percentage points (+2.2%), rising from 10.4% last Tuesday to 12.6% obtained yesterday. The positive trend is also highlighted by the significant increase in the television audience, which rose to 2 million 213 thousand viewers.

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“It's been a very difficult three years. Unfortunately we couldn't hold on.” Fedez did not hold back his tears in Belfi, in the interview with Francesca Fagnani, when he was asked to explain the separation from his wife Chiara Ferragni. “I didn’t want to cry… There is always a conspiracy surrounding our characters, as if everything was the result of a calculation. There were even those who went so far as to say that I took advantage of my illness and benefited from it.” That,” the rapper said. “No matter what happens, Chiara will always be the mother of my children and will be the most important woman in my life regardless of whether the love continues or not. I hope the climate will be comfortable for the sake of our children.” He interspersed with the study center, which indicates that he does not want to throw mud at the influencer, but rather that he intends to protect his two children.

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