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Fedez, Al Bano, Putin "Italian": 2022 arrives on Russian TV

Fedez, Al Bano, Putin “Italian”: 2022 arrives on Russian TV

“Hello, 2021!” And Italian television (more or less) is again the protagonist of Russia. Like last year, the broadcast of Vechernyj Urgant conducted by Ivan Urgant – who has returned to transform himself into conductor Giovanni Urgant – with a special episode commemorates the new year by offering a show that appears to be a synthesis of 70s and 70s Italian television and .80s music. Fictional characters and titles follow each other for a bountiful hour. Judging by the tweets, the hit song “The boy with the station wagon” was such a hit that Bionda Morta’s group got a standing ovation: “Bionda Morta immediately in Sanremo with the boy with the station wagon”, is the appeal that is transmitted From one tweet to another.

In the program, there is space for the veils of Ricchi e Poveri, Fedez and Al Bano. The show ends with the president’s traditional message. But it is not Sergio Mattarella who is talking. Vladimir Putin addresses the “highly respectable Italian citizens”, who, with the help of technology and the virtual world, express themselves in an almost flawless Italian language. “Dear friends, 2021 will come to an end,” Putin says, while the Colosseum is in the background. “It has been a year that has not been easy, and the difficulties we have faced have made us more united and cohesive. We have a very big and beautiful country. If we want to do something, we will do it and we will do it, let’s start raising our glasses together. I wish you a Happy 2022.”

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