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In 2022 pole riders

In 2022 pole riders

A harsh government crackdown on casual self-employment. The government intends not so much to oppose the form of work itself as to its improper use.

Let’s see what innovations the Draghi government has introduced to organize this type of work more clearly. Legislative Decree 146 2021 gave the employer a real obligation to communicate when starting a business with casual, self-employed workers. in essence something Not much different from what happens to what is called work intermittently. This communication obligation is intended to clarify and protect the worker who provides occasional self-employment opportunities. The employer can use various means to communicate this type of casual relationship to the National Labor Inspectorate. But if he does not inform her, he will face a fine of between 500 and 2500 euros. But it gets worse for the business owner.

Suspension of activities

Suppose the employer is undergoing an investigation. If in this evaluation It turns out that 10% of workers who are already employed are sometimes self-employed and lack the communication required by law, and can even face real business suspension. Thus, in 2022, self-employment occasionally comes as a condition for further protection. On the one hand, we have a preventive contact of the National Labor Inspectorate which aims to clarify the relationship between the company and the employee and on the other hand we have a very harsh penalty for suspending activities where this contact has not been established. Place.

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As mentioned, the irregular situation must include at least 10% of the workers.

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So a clear change in this type of business relationship.