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FDI and 'black lobby', Maloney breaking election peace and attack: "Everything read on the table".  Fan Page Director: "We give it to BM"

FDI and ‘black lobby’, Maloney breaking election peace and attack: “Everything read on the table”. Fan Page Director: “We give it to BM”

The first reaction was Take your time, She said she was ready to take action, but only after seeing “Full 100 hour film“Then came the reaction:” This is one thing Toxic recovery milk“. Now in the previous link, a Video Beyond 7 minutes Posted on All Social Websites by Breaking Back Election peace, Voting for executive offices across Italy will begin in the morning: “I owe nothing To be ashamed. What I think is, one can pretend not to see it, that is Everyone read, Scientifically, a Small table“. Leader of the Brethren of Italy Georgia Meloni Today video defines trial Fan page Who documented how his party members conducted the election campaign for the municipal election Milano, Including the accused Black loans And group pressures Extreme right. This video led to a self-suspension from the MEP party Carlo FidanzaBut, according to Meloni, it is now the result of a maneuver put in “not by the fan page, but by a whole round or circus, if you will.” The brothers of Italy are victims of an organization, according to its leader.

“I heard the phone page Full shot To know exactly these 100 hours How it happened How those involved behaved accordingly. The FonPage editor replied that my request was obscene. What can’t be shown in those videos? What is it Don’t I see?“He attacked Meloni again. Director Francesco Cancellado In an interview Courier della sera He explained, “The filming material of the first chapter will be taken over by them Search Republican “, The one who opens a file considering the funds Illegal For parties and Elastic circulation To shed light on the story. He later added: “If Meloni believes the investigation was ‘deliberately set up’, it has all the legal tools to do so. His reasons are worth it. But let me tell you something: a Hello Roman It does not change together Handshake“.

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To the leader of the Italian brethren, on the other hand, it is “10 minute video Spontaneously cut and sewn and placed inside Early morning evening Two days before the election, they ended up in the newspapers on election day. So the truth emerges Anxiety Of Meloni, which leads to breaking the electoral peace For that The second day in a row: “When they talk about you, when you can not protect yourself, when people have to decide whether or not to vote for you the next day, because we vote today”. Again, the call for elections is coming: “As always, they owe me only Judge There are Voters, The web of our Lord, we entrust judgment to them Vote today and tomorrow“.

At one point the head of FdI mentions: “” Let’s understand the images They beat me too, I ask those videos to come to the bottom of the story above all because we are so hard on our area Rules of conduct Of our managers “but the attack begins again:” it deontology Collect pieces of your choice and refuse to show what happened without cuts, pretending the assembly did People lined up? Exit is legal Scientifically This material a Two days From the election without you having time to protect yourself? “

It’s not “poisoned recovery ball” or “clockwork investigation”, but “a long job done Strict method“, Said Cancellado Courier service. The fan side director underlined, “No protocols or civil code provided Calendar Who says when to go out? ”And then“ When an candidate is investigated, I believe it should be broadcast in the public interest. Before the election. Also, this is a test: one Collaboration Between a web magazine and a TV show, A clean wipeIt aired Thursday evening.

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In fact, Meloni is bringing this project La7 And its presenter: “Next week, during the re-election campaign, the broadcast A clean wipe Will do Another chapter In this issue. I believe it Corato Formica, From the heights of his intellectual honesty common to impartial journalists, he will broadcast fully This video of mine also lasts much less than that Fan page“After a while, the answer comes from Formigli:” Georgia Meloni And Guest Starting Thursday A clean wipe. There will also be a director Fan page Francesco Cancellado and I will return to talk about the investigation. I will ask you some questions. We will hear your answers. There will be a lot of time. This is called information“.