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Hiker Nicola Spanish was found dead a week after the search

Hiker Nicola Spanish was found dead a week after the search

Hopes of finding a 26-year-old mountaineer from Scorsese, Nicola Spagnolo, who got lost in Lagorai in Trentino a week ago, ended at lunchtime on Saturday. His body was found on the summit of Ces, where since last Sunday the National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Squad, operators of the Trentino Alpine Rescue Squad and soldiers of the Fiscal Police, with two groups of fire brigade, carabinieri and volunteers. Leaving Scorsese, they, along with their families and girlfriends, searched for him relentlessly, interrupted only by night patrols, land and dozens of helicopter and drone flyovers. Survey of territory, aerial photographs, extension of search range. The entire territory was attacked and checked around above and beyond.

The news that Nicola’s body was found lifeless would have been family. The hiker was where he said he was going. Before leaving for the mountain on Friday, Paolo and Nicola put the note on top of the bag at the bivouac. On Saturday the other hikers realized that the ticket had been there all night and that if Nicola Spagnolo still hadn’t returned to the bivouac, it might be worth raising the alarm. Due to this, the test started on a single day last Saturday. The young man, who moved from Scorzé to Feltre a few years ago for his love of the mountains and to be closer to his partner, seems to have had his mobile phone with him when he started the walk. However, his cell phone has not been accessed since the alarm went off.

On the morning of Saturday, October 29, a group of family members who went uphill found him on a steep slope of rocks between Chess Peak and Chess Fork, between the North Face and the descending Route 349. About 2,500 meters high. The mechanics of the crash are under investigation. According to the initial reconstruction, the climber, after reaching Chez Peak from the Pavlo and Nicola bivouac, took the Ches Fork via the east ridge, a demanding hiking trail, and dropped about a hundred meters into the valley. .

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A helicopter rescue technician, operators from the Moina Mountain Rescue Station and the Nidhi Police Alpine Rescue were rushed to the spot. After authorization by the authorities, the body was recovered by helicopter and transferred to Predazzo, where the body was handed over.