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Justify the duty to wipe out those who have been vaccinated - Il Tempo

Justify the duty to wipe out those who have been vaccinated – Il Tempo

For those who have not been vaccinated in Italy, in addition to the negative swap, 5 days of isolation is also expected. But those who have been vaccinated are forced to present a negative sweep of entry into Italy from abroad: a new mandate signed by Health Minister Roberto Speranza provides for this. But the EU does not take it lightly and accuses: “Italy justifies its duty to wipe out those who have been vaccinated”.

Speaking in Brussels after the Council on Public Affairs, Vera Jurova, Vice President of the European Commission, said: “Unilateral elections in countries undermine public confidence. Green Pass is not dead, it is one of the most successful EU projects. When the Commission proposed this regulation, we wanted to maintain the principle of freedom of travel until passengers were vaccinated, tested negative, or cured. States wanted to keep a door open and introduce more restrictions, however this must be justified.

“I think it will be discussed in the Council of Europe – including Zorroa in Italy’s elections – because these results are damaging, or declining, because they are damaging. People’s confidence is a strong word that there are uniform conditions throughout Europe. States have demanded that this ‘backdoor’ be in place in the regulation that established the digital EU Govt certification, and I hope states can do so, as this will not damage the green pass because it is one of the practical tools we have developed for people in Europe.

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