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Cardinal Walkie from Cologne took a break, but the Pope reconfirmed his confidence

Cardinal Walkie from Cologne took a break, but the Pope reconfirmed his confidence

After examining the results of the apostolic visit to the Diocese of Germany for the management of abuse cases, the Pope agreed to the cardinal’s request for a respite, showing that he was dependent on him. Resignation of assistants Puff and Schaederlab refused to resign

Vatican News

Pope Francis accepted Cardinal Rainer Maria Wolke’s request, Archbishop of Cologne, to spend “spiritual time outside the diocese” from mid-October until the start of Lent next year, but said he would still trust him. This came in a press release issued by the Apostolic Embassy in GermanyDiocese of Cologne The German Bishops’ Conference.

The statement refers to the decisions of the Holy Father, which matured after he took a “careful note” of the results Apostolic visit To the Diocese completed from 7 to 14 last June by Archbishop Anders Arborilis of Stockholm and Bishop of Rotterdam Johannes van den Hend for an examination of the complex pastoral situation which is determined at once by the question of abuses.

Refuting the charges against Wilkie

Regarding Cardinal Woolki, the statement said, “it does not appear to have been an illegal act in the management of sexual assault cases.” The accusations made against the Cardinal of covering up such cases were refuted by the documents examined by the Holy See and the facts that emerged in the meantime. Instead, the archbishop reported on the archbishop’s “determination to confront the crime of abuse, care for victims and strengthen prevention.” “In the overall management of the case, however – it is emphasized – above all at the level of liaison, Cardinal and Wilkie also made major mistakes. This contributed mainly to the crisis of confidence in the diocese.”

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Rest period for renewal

Last week, Pope Francis welcomed Wilkie in a long conversation. “The Holy Father – says the statement from the embassy – counts on Cardinal Wilkie” and “recognizes his fidelity to the Holy See and his commitment to the unity of the Church. At the same time, it is clear that the Archbishop and the Diocese need a break, a time for renewal and reconciliation.” Hence the decision The cardinal with a period of time outside the diocese.Until his return, he will provide the auxiliary bishop Rolf Steinhauser for the diocese, in his capacity as the apostolic administrator Sidi Plena.

Resignations of auxiliary bishops Puff and Schaderlap rejected

On the other hand, the Pope, after examining the information received from the apostolic visitors, decided not to accept the resignations of two of Cologne’s assistants, Dominicus Schwaderlap and Ansgar Päf. For both – says the statement from the embassy – “administrative flaws were found, but not the intent to cover up abuses or ignore the victims.” For this reason, Monsignor Buff would immediately resume his office, while Monsignor Schwaderlap requested and obtained from the Pope to be able to carry out one year’s pastoral service in the Diocese of Mombasa, Kenya, before resuming work in Cologne.