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False creditors, how to recognize them, and how to defend yourself: Tips for avoiding the trap

False creditors, how to recognize them, and how to defend yourself: Tips for avoiding the trap

Nowadays, our phones, both landline and mobile, are literally crowded with calls from telephone operators offering us various offers. But if these can be a real nuisance, certainly more so than those from debt collection, how do you defend yourself against them?

In this period of acute crisis that we have been witnessing for several months now in our country, we must be more attentive than ever to many Tricks That constantly appear in life every day. Then there are the cheaters and stalkers who make themselves believe what they actually don’t.

Creditors finance Rapisarda

Obviously, if these individuals can deceive a certain number of people, it is really not just the old people, but because they find a breeding ground. What you mean? Many preoccupied with fear and panic – as we know – are always very bad counselors, while others are not at all. aware of their rightsTake, at face value, what scammers say with very loose chatter.

Especially since they often don’t even tell us their name or operator code, if they call us from call center. Therefore, when we receive a call of this kind, it is necessary to show great composure and be gentle, but at the same time firm, taking into account all the information we have just communicated.

Then remember that if you select lawyers They just tell a big lie, because lawyers cannot in any way play the role of employees in the company. It is also a good idea to make an important specification, that a person with a law degree does not automatically become a lawyer!

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Clues to keep in mind

But if these people call and the person concerned is not at home, know that they can in no way reveal the reason for the call their phone callBecause they will stay violation of privacy, Therefore, if you mention them, you will notice that they will be hiding in less than a short time!

Creditors finance Rapisarda

Be careful even if they arrive threatsBecause they are neither in heaven nor on earth. However it also happens that some debt collectors decide to do so Show up in person. But even here he can’t talk to other people about our problems, again because if he did would violate privacy.

It also cannot qualify as public employee If not, also try to enter our house. Finally, if you stay in the context of a call center, remember that operators must always be polite and that they can only contact you from Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 21:00, while on Saturday from 08:30 to 15:00. 00. If they call at other time slots or on Sundays, they will make calls Terrible irregularities. And last but not least, know that they cannot record phone calls in any way. Now that you are well informed, don’t let yourself be fooled again!