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Antonella Clerici, The Tragedy of the Last Few Hours: This is how it went |  Endless tears

Antonella Clerici, The Tragedy of the Last Few Hours: This is how it went | Endless tears

Drama Antonella Clerici

Antonella Clerici and the tragedy that disturbed the presenter’s life, the tears that left fans speechless

Antonella Clerici is one of those presenters who, despite their infinite skill, faced a drama that caused endless tears. Many define her as the Queen of the South because of her programs on culinary topics such as the popular format Chef Test and the always-following Noon which gets a very good rating.

The woman, in fact, initiated as a TV presenter on Dribbling alongside Gianfranco De Laurentis, To go on after that with other successful shows such as the variety shows Semaforo Giallo and Circo Bianco, and in 2000, the popular cooking show The Chef’s Test. Clerici conducted it until 2013, which is the period of the birth of her daughter Miley, and transferred it to the hands of Elisa Isuardi, who failed to achieve the same success as the woman,

Today, however, he is at the helm of major culinary success de It is always a nounIt is a program in which women entertain their audience with recipes, joyful moments, games and moments of reflection on certain topics. Clerici was also the presenter of the well-known music programme The Voice Senior, goes beyond the hit shows everyone knows.

Some time ago Clerici answered questions from Il Messaggero journalist who asked her what she expects to hear from Tge Voice Senior and if she wants to lead The Voice of Italy. The answer was very comprehensive:I hope to make a good program. Placing myself between the results of The Voice of Italy (1 million, 700,000, ed.) and those of Tale and which Show (4 million, ed.) would matter” — adding — “I wouldn’t, it doesn’t belong to me musically.” I would say yes to The Voice Kids with children. Or I will do it again. I’ll leave you a song.”

The mourning faced by Antonella Clerici

The presenter of E’ sempre Mezzogiorno had to face a really shocking drama that caused her a lot of grief: It is about the disappearance of Claudia Arfati, known to the general public for her experience in the aforementioned program The Voice Senior, 2021/2022 edition. The singer reached the final with Gigi D’Alessio’s team, even if on that occasion Annibale Giannarelli won.

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Antonella Clerici
Antonella Clerici, The Touching Farewell

As soon as I heard the sad news, Antonella Clerici wrote an Instagram post that moved the web: “Hi Claudia: Now teach the angels to sing.”

Other characters have been added to the presenter such as Claudio Baglioni, Georgia and Gigi Delicior.