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Failure to get into the car: a new fine of 866 euros

Failure to get into the car: a new fine of 866 euros

It might be funny but if it’s included in the highway code, unfortunately, it’s an event that happens more often than you might imagine: more Too salty if a crazy or rude person starts throwing trash out of the window of his moving car.

Here’s what changes

In fact, depending on the seriousness and severity of the sentence of the road patrol that became aware of the crime, fines would rise from a minimum of 26 for “incidental sins” to a maximum of €866, drain (deserved). In short, whoever does this phenomenon by throwing papers and anything else from the car into the race would probably think twice and behave in a more civilized manner if he did not want to give his municipality such a large sum of money. These and other rules for the new motorway code that we just dealt with at, are in the Infrastructure and Transport Decree of 2021.

What happens in disabled parking spaces

From 1 January 2022, those who have a parking badge in designated areas for the disabled will also be able to park in the blue lines if their designated space is occupied. And we come to the painful notes: Whoever decides to abandon his car due to negligence will see a double fine and three times fewer points on the licence. The administrative penalty will range from 168 to 672 euros against the previous “gap” of 84 to 335 euros and six points less on a driver’s license.

What is changing with cell phones

Same numbers but gross violations while driving in a car and “distraction” due to technological gadgets: in addition to smartphones, accept it Those who are distracted by laptops, laptops, and tablets,”Similar devices are capable of causing even temporarily the removal of hands from the steering wheel of a carThe new code reads. The fine will range from 165 to 661 euros and five points will be deducted from the license.

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However, the new Highway Law provides for greater administrative penalties against those preparing to provide subsidies the exam Driving, he trains without a coach by his side. As we read on Courier serviceFines range from a minimum of €430 to a maximum of €1,731 plus insulting administrative detention of a vehicle for three months.

News on scooters

In this period, reform related to driving and the use of electric scooters as we dealt with takes center stage. The electric motor will not exceed 0.50 kW, a whistle and rules for changing speed will be necessary: ​​no more than 20 km / h and no more than 6 km / h in pedestrian areas. From 2022, stock and stop lights will be mandatory. Those who do not comply with the new rules will suffer fines ranging from 100 to 400 euros in addition to having the car confiscated.