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Extensions expired: the bleeding car tax.  who risks

Extensions expired: the bleeding car tax. who risks

Car owners in Italy will struggle within ten days with the first deadline of 2022 car tax. The December 2021 car tax must be paid by January 31, and this time there will be no extension of taxpayer assistance. The aid that the government guaranteed in 2020 and in the year just ended, to face the negative economic effects of the epidemic from COVID-19, As mentioned ProphetIt has been cancelled, so there are no more shortcuts. It is necessary to pay the car tax on time to avoid incurring unpleasant fines.

What is the amount to be paid for car tax

It is not easy to calculate how much to pay car tax, since the amount varies depending on some parameters: environmental class and engine power. In any case, the propulsion system tends to penalize polluting vehicles and favors environmental vehicles. It ranges from 3 € per kW up to 100 and from 4.5 € for cars over 100 kW (vehicles 0 €) to 2.58 € and 3.87 € (vehicles from 4 € to 6 €). To get the exact amount of car tax to be paid, the user can use the website ofhere Which automatically calculates the vehicle tax by entering the required data.

Procedure to follow to make payment

There are several ways to pay car tax. First of all, you can take advantage of pagoPA, the computerized system of Public Administration. Payments can also be made by bank transfer online, at Italian Post offices, Sisal Points of Sale and Lutautomatica. The other systems are the pagoBollo service for the Aci website and the Io app. Finally, in some regions, direct debit is provided.

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Who does not pay car tax?

There are some cars that pay less or are exempt from paying car tax. Vehicles and motorbikes that are more than twenty years old and not more than thirty years old and considered to be of historical interest benefit from a 50% discount. the Hybrid cars Electric vehicles registered in 2019 have a total exemption for three or five years (depending on the region of residence), just as vehicles transporting disabled people do not pay road tax.