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Expansion in eastern Ukraine: Weber threatens Moscow with further sanctions

Expansion in eastern Ukraine
Weber threatens Moscow with further sanctions

The peace plan has been put on hold, fighting is escalating and Russia is moving troops across the border into Ukraine. That is why EPF group leader Manfred Weber is bringing further sanctions against Moscow. You can disable oligarchy accounts – and stop North Stream 2.

Manfred Weber, a CSU leader and leader of the Conservative EPP in the European Parliament, has imposed severe sanctions against Russia in connection with the transfer of Russian troops to the Ukrainian border. Russia continues its “course of dangerous provocations,” Weber Funk told reporters. Detailed disabling of oligarchy accounts or separating Russia from the Swift payment system “must be real when it increases”.

The Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea Pipeline project will also no longer run when it increases. The deployment of Russian troops near Ukraine is a test for the West. The answer should be “clear and strong.” The EU and the United States “must show what the Russian leadership will gain if it is allowed to escalate the situation in eastern Ukraine or march into it.” Russian President Vladimir Putin should know the price for his actions: “Meter sanctions will end then.”

Moscow threatens to intervene

Fighting between pro-Russian rebels and the government military has been escalating in eastern Ukraine since mid-February. Recently, reports of the relocation of massive Russian troops have caused great concern in the West as well. Ukraine has accused Russia of stationing several thousand troops on its northern and eastern borders. The United States has talked about the presence of strong Russian troops since the conflict in the region began seven years ago and sent two warships to the Black Sea.

In turn, Russia threatened military intervention on Friday to protect its citizens. The Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in Moscow on Friday that Russia would not stand idly by if the fighting flared up, according to Interfox. Russia will take action to protect its citizens.

Parts of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions on the Russian border have been under the control of rebels loyal to Moscow since 2014. UN It is estimated that more than 13,000 people have been killed since then. Since the beginning of this year alone, about 50 people have been killed in violation of the current ceasefire. The 2015 peace plan has been put on hold.

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