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Il tempo previsto per le prossime ore

The next hour will be with Saron, but there is a risk of heavy thunderstorms with hail in at least 4 areas by Friday “

Weather: It will be saronic for the next few hours, but there will be at least 4 thundershowers and thundershowers by Friday.

Temperatures will rise further, but be wary of heavy rain and local hail

Expected time for the next few hoursDue to this the temperature in the atmosphere is increasing SharonThe hottest African anticyclone brings temperatures back to record values.
However, in the western part of our country, there is a risk of weak unstable air infiltration. Heavy rain with hail until at least Friday.

Here, in fact, over the next few hours, we will see a gradual increase in clouds from the Tyrrhenian areas of the center, from Sardinia and the northwest, where the first part of the morning will still pass under the banner. Mostly dry weather (except eastern Liguria).
On the other hand, the clouds are gradually becoming more and more threatening and some dynamic things will change between late morning and late afternoon Reverse Further Thunderstorms On LiguriaHigh TuscanyWest Emilia And then for the most partAlpine Arc Especially in the West. In the course of more Afternoon thunder shower activity It moves throughout Lombardy, Veneto and Friuli Venice Giulia.

Pay attention to the intensity of the events that are most likely due to the difference between strong heat and high unstable air. So events can get along Local hail with strong and sudden winds, storms and large grains.

On the other hand, the weather is completely different in other parts of the country, where, except for occasional dense clouds in parts of the center, the dominant event is definitely warmer because temperature values ​​may start to rise. Above 40 C

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Is it Friday? Are there any changes in the air? Not explicitly because even the weekend is practically destined to pass with Italy divided in two. Only the Alps, the Freephs and the inland Upper Po Valley are at risk of further thunderstorms, especially in the afternoon.
Occasionally there will be dry weather and even sunshine in other parts of the country, especially in the south where the mercury columns continue to peak. 40 C.