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Europe raises the threshold to 10,000 euros for payments

Europe raises the threshold to 10,000 euros for payments

There is debate in Europe about cash, money tracking, and the possibility of changing current thresholds.

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Bring Capital With whether it is a fashion, let’s call it, a need or who knows how to define it is destined to end once and for all. The Institutions They have been trying to limit the use of cash for a very long time, and this is well known. Initiatives like Cashback or lottery receipt. But it is not only national institutions that are trying, but also societal institutions that have reforms that can revolutionize everything.

It all starts out of need To establish rules that are geared towards the fight without appeal against money laundering and tax evasion. We would even like to establish a competent authority against this dynamic. We also think about certainty practices Go to funding groups, for example terrorists located in the region. There is talk of 2024 as the minimum year for the set of rules to come into force. Everything will be monitored in each country of the European Community.

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Anti-money laundering The EU believes in the new set of rules, and what is changing in practice

What are you doing will try What we’ve been trying to do for years in terms of being able to trade less and less money is what we’re doing. We’re considering a cap of €10,000 per transaction, which is kind of a rollback if that’s the case Believes Which in Italy has already reached 2000. Institutions In short, they try to stop the recycling problem and they do so by putting in the tools and reflections that they can do in some way Counter seriously the problem.

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We also think of a rule to harness its circulation in some way encryption, we will imagine a series of Initiatives Together you can protect and make sure that nothing happens Transformation Its something very serious.

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Even for the same cryptocurrencies as well as for cash, it is necessary to always and in any case be able to track get up Left by transactions, even for them, so one thinks of a kind of Initiative going in that direction. In short, the EU is ready for a real revolution.