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All car drivers want them but only 3% still own them  Check if you still have it

All car drivers want them but only 3% still own them Check if you still have it

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There are elements of our car that, in the collective imagination, are crucial even today, even though things have changed, even profoundly.

For example, there are those who really do not seem able to give up the physical buttons to control different functions, such as pneumatic functions for example conditioningtoday 'Digital“In many cars.

There are also those who go crazy at the thought that I no longer existtraditional handbrake, Specifically manual by definition, which has been replaced by a push button and that's it.

Then there are those who are surprised by the fact that the keys are no longer keys: and that to start the engine, you simply press the button, without turning the button traditional keyIn the hole as they say.

And that's not all: also a last an itemhas been very useful in many cases, especially in terms of preventing and solving a major problem She replaced it. any?

Goodbye to this crucial tool: very few cars have it

You may have wondered what it is or perhaps you have guessed it after you recently bought a new car: because we are talking about the famous and very useful spare wheel. As we may actually observe spare tyrealso known as the spare wheel, has been deleted from the vehicle collection: it is no longer included in Newly produced machines.

So far, according to estimates, only meThree percent still have it: However, if you ask motorists, all or almost all of them will say that they want it, that they are thinking about it usefulAbove all, they consider the idea of ​​having it on board as a kind of safe, useful “life jacket” in the event of a puncture. However, according to statistics, 97% of cars In trading today He doesn't have that.

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Goodbye to spare wheel reasons

The option of many car manufacturers is to replace the spare wheel, which is cumbersome anyway because it takes up space that could be used to carry everyday items on board the car, with a spare wheel. several to Practical repair Definitely smaller.

Another reason why it was removed was weight: the greater weight of on-board materials, not surprisingly, increases the need for engine effort as well as consumption. Already, manufacturers are phasing out everything they consider expendable or replaceable. It is a shame that, according to recent European polls, a large segment of citizens do so as well eighty percent, He still wants to have it Spare wheel and a third of these He declares himself pMake sure to use an inflation kit,