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Risk of new storms, severe weather and strong storms from Monday.  Update « 3B Meteo

Risk of new storms, severe weather and strong storms from Monday. Update « 3B Meteo

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Those hoping for more weather stability at the end of May will unfortunately have to think again. Atlantic collapse Heavy thunderstorms and hail over the past few days will continue to push cold air into the North Sea region. Low pressure circulation Sometimes it drowns its roots About Italy. Volatile momentum is expected from today Monday Then a short break is not for everyone and there is a new danger between Jupiter and Friday A strong wave of bad weather Then proceed to the first End of June, Liberation Weekend. But what is expected can be seen with the help of recent modeling publications.

on Monday We will deal with disruptions associated with spin in the UK. The front will cross northern Italy, starting early in the morning and spreading Showers and thunderstorms, and will strengthen from west to east by the end of the day. The center and south will see some rare concentrations with a low probability of occurrence. The temperature In the north they decrease.

On Tuesday A small depression that formed earlier on Monday will continue over northeastern Italy, prompting some Locally strong thunderstorms In the morning but then gradually isolated, it is still possible until the afternoon or evening. A few storms will affect the center and south but they will remain Afternoon thunderstorms. The northwest and generally the whole Tyrrhenian region and the main islands should see more sun. The temperature There will be a small and limited increase in the north, and a slight decrease elsewhere.

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On Wednesday, will probably be the best in the first half of the week, a mild anticyclonic promontory of Azorean origin will extend to Italy, guaranteeing better weather. In the morning, sun should prevail in the Adriatic region, except for clouds. May be there in the afternoon A few thunderstorms but in isolated form Through the northwestern and central-southern Apennines. There should be weather at night significantly worse In a part of the north. The temperature They should not undergo significant changes.

Finally we reach those days Thursday and Friday When the North Atlantic trough sinks more decisively into central western Europe, this will be a trigger A new phase of bad weather Mainly destined to attack the northern and isolated centre. Please waitStrong events Also in character Storm All over the north and maybe a bit between Tuscany, Umbria and Marche. The most severe phase of bad weather is currently being observed Between two days So between Thursday evening and Friday morning Times change Almost certainly we will have to talk about it again. The temperature They should decrease but only in the north.

Stay tuned for the next updates where we will try to provide more details.

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