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Euro 2020, controversy and storm over referee Orsato: 'ridiculous'

Euro 2020, controversy and storm over referee Orsato: ‘ridiculous’

the match between Sweden e Ukraine Team won Shevchenko Round 16 closed from European Football Championships. The match in Glasgow had a hint of blue on the field, Referee Danielle Orsato It ended in the storm of the ring that partially changed the race: the very difficult entry of Danielson It Bjesden who saw the Italian whistle in difficulty in choosing a card, to the point that Varr’s intervention was required to expel the Swede. A decision that, however, sparked many criticisms with a great ex-footballer such as Gary Lineker who was not tender with him Orsato While the previous ruling Luca MarilyAs usual, analyze the episode on his social channels.

Danielson kicked out, Orsato saved by Var

During the first overtime of the eighth final of Euro 2020 between Sweden and Ukraine, at a speed of 98 minutes, hard, A very difficult intervention by Marcus Danielson on Artem Bjesjedin: The Swedish defender enters the ball with a straight leg and after hitting it ends up with the left knee of the Ukrainian striker with his hammer foot. Two bodies remain on the ground in pain.

At first, Orsato Danielson warns. But he was immediately called to the VAR, where there was, moreover, an all-Italian referee team radio I have Bello, Millie, and Valerie. Watching the episode in the replay, Orsato changed the color of the card from yellow to red, and the Swede was sent off.

Lineker vs. Orsato: ‘A ridiculous expulsion’

Danielson’s entry seemed to be broken for everyone, apart from the fact that the Swede was willing to take the ball. Therefore, although the decision was initially wrong and the course of action changed, by Orsato, it seemed to everyone that he was right. However, there are those who do not believe this. In fact, the former English footballer, the next opponent of Ukraine, Gary Lineker Orsato was highly critical of his decision with one of his toxic tweets.

This is not a red card – The former England striker wrote on Twitter – He is fully empowered to search for that ball. Slow motion again makes it look more mischievous than it is. silly”.

Marielle acquits Orsato and gets him out of Lineker: ‘A ridiculous tweet’

Already last night, in European Nights In Rai 1, former referee Tiziano Berry Commenting on the episode he had defended the Italian referee team’s choices, but Orsato’s defense of the first yellow card error only turned red with the help of Var: “It is not always easy to be in an ideal position with in terms of the procedure, here he was not in a good position, Well, but we can’t say the final decision is wrong.”

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In the usual post-match morning briefing, the other former referee Luca Marily On his social media channels he resumed the episode by hitting the comments of those who, like Lineker, are still talking about Danielson’s interference with the ball. “One cannot believe that a person who has millions of users who follow him on the Internet thinks and writes such a thing. Here silly, as he writes, there is only this tweet. The regulation should be known, the fact that the player enters the ball is not even mentioned in the regulation. So if he catches the ball and breaks his opponent’s leg, isn’t that a mistake? “

“Orsato not in condition” Marielle finds the loopholes

However, Luca Marelli wanted to make a note to Orsato anyway. “I don’t seem to be in good physical shape In this European Championship, I already said at the beginning – the previous referee indicated – that he does not move much, during the match he also had cramps and was playing in Scotland and there was no certain heat. Then of course it’s Orsato, the best referee around and he’s been able to cover it all with his great expertise.”

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