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There is an "anti-universe" going back in time

There is an “anti-universe” going back in time

A new theory about the creation of the universe, trying to simplify it, says: When the Big Bang happened, everything was created and everything went “forward” in time. At the same time, a “anti-universe” was created which in a very symmetric way, however, has gone back in time.

This theory actually serves to explain in part the existence of dark matter, one of the most mysterious and mysterious elements surrounding us that does not make physicists sleep peacefully.

Andrey OnufrienkoGetty Images

If there are neutrinos in our universe that go to one side, in the inverted universe there will be dark matter going to the other side. It would be the natural opposite of these subatomic particles.

This theory of a smaller, symmetric universe than previously thought was developed by researchers at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Ontario, Canada and published as an article in Annals of Physics.

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