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Eng: American heroes of the long-distance network

Eng: American heroes of the long-distance network

Ita’s long-distance network is mostly stars and lines, One planned for the fall premiere, and one in view of the 2022 summer. As expected, Newco has made choices The main reason for the profitability of the roads is, with a few exceptions, “considered investments to ensure a stable presence in the country’s medium-term markets, even if not immediately profitable”.

Therefore, the initial network will increase the number of locations from 45 with 61 routes to 74 destinations and by 2025 to 89 routes, “” at the end of the process of rearranging aircraft to long-haul ports. Interval Country Link ”explains the company in a note.

Long distance Winter IATA 2021 Then proposes links “su New York (From Rome and Milan), Tokyo Haneda, Boston e Miami (All three are from Rome) “WhenEstate 2022 “Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Washington e Los Angeles “.

On the network Middle range “There are links (including) to major European destinations from Fiamicino and Linnet Paris, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Geneva, With plans to further increase the number of locations and frequencies for the summer). There are many international ways of serving Rome (among them, for example) Madrid, Athens Tel Aviv, Cairo, Tunis and Algiers).

Finally, for Home network, Ita “will guarantee and serve the vast security of national airports 21 airports in the country With multiple frequencies and schedules that consistently cater to the needs of standard flight operations and business and leisure customers ”.