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A letter from 1,200 scientists to Johnson, ‘Dangerous reopening’ – Europe

The complete lifting of the restrictions imposed on the fight against Covid in the UK is a “dangerous and unethical” option for the entire world. This claimed 1,200 scientists, who brutally attacked Boris Johnson, a few days after the fateful “release everything” on July 19. Cnbc reports.
Government professionals and advisers from different countries came together today in a virtual meeting to support a letter from the medical journal The Lancet in which the British government’s plans (including stopping the mandatory use of masks and social distancing) were defined as “dangerous and premature”.
“Given our position as a global travel hub, any variant that becomes dominant in the UK is likely to spread to the rest of the world,” warned Christina Bagel, director of the Clinical Operations Research Unit at University College London.
Michael Baker, a professor of public health and a member of the New Zealand Ministry of Health’s advisory group, said he was “surprised” by the British government’s plans, geared towards a return to a “herd immunity approach”. He defined the approach as “totally unacceptable,” because this strategy “has failed miserably around the world,” he said.
According to American virologist William Haseltine, the world has “always looked to the UK for important and reasonable policies”, while “unfortunately this has not been the case for the Covid pandemic”. He called so-called herd immunity strategies “killing.” “We don’t understand why this is happening despite the knowledge the UK has,” José Martin Moreno, professor of public health at the University of Valencia, echoed, fearing that other countries would start to “imitate” British policy. “If we remove the tools that contain the transmission, it will be like this,” he added.

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Travelers arriving in England from France after coronavirus restrictions were eased on July 19 will have to stay in a 10-day quarantine at home or other accommodations, even if they have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19. This is what the British government announced, citing the Guardian newspaper. From Monday, UK residents who arrive from Amber List countries and have been fully vaccinated will no longer need to be quarantined, but the government said this would not apply to France, after persistent beta cases were first identified in South Africa.

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