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Emma Raducano, no awards but this honor deserves more: the appointment is official

Emma Raducano, no awards but this honor deserves more: the appointment is official

The season of Emma Raducano, the 2021 US Open champion, ends without titles but in the name of a prestigious award

It won’t be the second Grand Slam tournament for the very juniors Emma Raducano I immediately dreamed of winning my first, last year’s US Open.

A royal honor, but no awards this year, for Emma Raducano (photo ANSA)

There may be a lot of pressure on the great British tennis player who this year has fallen far short of expectations. On the other hand, he appeared at the start of the season with a wildcard to a major tournament which he won at the age of only eighteen. Almost as if this forced her to have an immediate reaffirmation at the highest levels. Rather, after the victory Flushing Meadows Last year, she won ten matches without losing a single set, a star Emma Raducano it is not clear.

Emma Raducano, great honor

Lots of physical problems. Which did not prevent her from conquering the big world scene Tennis With strong evidence through significant advertising contracts. Show physicality, even more than the emotionality of the little hero, rope. Ankle and wrist problems, myopathies prevented her from repeating herself. The 2022 tournament ends for her without titles and with an unknown position of No. 75 in the standings Professional Tennis Players Association.

Straight from the hands of King Charles III

Emma Raducano 221130 Tennis Press
Emma Raducano, dropped to No. 97 in the WTA rankings (photo ANSA)

However, the satisfaction does not diminish. Cheap for starters. Because Emma Raducano She signed no less than three generous advertising deals that made her a fortune. More than any tournament on the women’s circuit. But also personal. Because the british tennis player born in Canada From a Romanian father and an oriental mother, but with a passport United kingdomwas nominated Member of the Order of the British Empire.

Last year, after a victory that shocked the sporting world when she became the first qualifier to win a Grand Slam tournament, it was too late to include her among the 2021 award winners that included athletes. Lewis Hamiltonnominate Bachelor’s degree For his advantages in the automotive field.

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Hamilton He was the last great athlete to receive this honor from the Queen’s hands Queen Elizabeth IIwho disappeared a few months ago. Emma Raducano Rather, he is in the group of athletes, already very numerous, which includes many stars who have appeared in the last two years, and have been bestowed upon them by King Charles III.

A title not yet so distinguished as that of knight ascribed to him Hamiltonbut it is indeed very important given that whatever He is only 19 years old.

there Radocano From the day he began his climb to the British Red Cross Honors of MBE, Member of the Order of the British Empire.

“It was wonderful to receive this honor from His Majesty the King, and I feel very grateful and privileged.” He said Emma Raducano During the induction ceremony held at Windsor Castle.

Several highly successful sorties shared the same honor. The actress was rewarded with more illustrious honors Vanessa Redgrave And the Daniel Craigthe actress who played 007 in the latest movie release and who has had the privilege of starring in some of the trailers alongside HM herself.