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Emanuela Orlandi, Audio Shock Appears, Di Bedis' Ex-Partner (Secretly Recorded) Names and Surnames

Emanuela Orlandi, Audio Shock Appears, Di Bedis’ Ex-Partner (Secretly Recorded) Names and Surnames

An audio. A two-minute recording from around 2009 – nearly 40 years later – could reopen the case of Emanuela Orlandi, the young woman who disappeared from her home in the Vatican on June 22, 1983.

This recording, made secretly during a conversation in a public place, was already known, writes Il Giornale. This post was written by Alessandro Ambrosini, founder of the investigative blog Note Criminale. The speaker, on the other hand, remains anonymous, but is believed to be an old associate of Enrico de Bedis, one of the historic leaders of the Magellana gang. The person referring to the statements of Renatino’s former partner, Sabrina Minardi, who began talking to Romanian judges the previous year about the Orlandi case, is forced to do some explaining.

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What is heard in the audio

The stolen audio will be published by the author of the recording on his blog in the next few days, but was able to listen to it in preview. De Bedis’ former partner, unaware of being recorded, lets himself go unchecked, pointing the finger at a specific person’s name and surname in connection with the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi. The author of the post, Alessandro Ambrosini, said he was ready to reveal the identity of the source if the judicial authority asked him.

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