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Elari Blasey Slip On The Famous Island

Elari Blasey Slip On The Famous Island

A slip on TV is like slipping into the street: it can be devastatingly dramatic or simply funny but (always) makes you laugh. Then, we may feel a little shame and guilt, but involuntary comedies are irresistible and “epic failure” is now a unifying category in every corner of the internet (there’s a Wikipedia page dedicated to a gaffe) and at this rate, ilary plassi It seems destined to have a section of its own, reaching peaks touched by greats like Luca Giorato or lament Mike Bonjorno.

Submitted byCelebrity Island 2022after selecting ‘Palapa’, this is where the contenders for the nominations, ‘Potato’ and then ‘Peeler’, sit during the live broadcast on May 2 gave us another pearl, in the last 30 seconds waiting for viewers’ final decision on who will be disqualified. Ilona stallAnd Lecia Nunes And Lori del Santo. Talk to Cicciolina, he made an irresistible slip.

“Nothing daunts you**ia,” Ilary told the former researcher, rather than “nothing discouraged you.” The ugly jokes about anxiety are clearly related to the last few bars before the TV shutdown. Then an attack of laughter made it impossible for her to continue.

A slip from CNN

At that point, you enter Nicolas Savino Who was forced to read the descriptions of the three shipwrecked women (Ilona Staller was later eliminated) and laughed: “It happens to everyone, then we recover.” So Savino is back Simona Ventura, the historical presenter of the reality show: “You have to come, degree ** ia said.” And studio audiences couldn’t hold back from laughing. Then she tweeted for a moment over and over. Things that happen even better. Some remained historical.

United States, Biden’s slip with open microphone: insults the journalist and calls him “a son of a bitch …”

Silvio Berlusconi He said that “Aeneas gave rise to a dynasty from which Romulus and Remulus were born”. Philip EdinburghAnd A true hero in terms of errorI spoke to a woman in a wheelchair and he said, “Did you know that there are now also anorexic dogs?”

Top ten slips of Prince Philip

Top Mike BonjornoInstead, the myth must be dispelled: the famous phrase “Ouch ouch ouch, Mrs. Longari: I fell on my plane,” was always controversial and there is no audio or video evidence. Speaking of the Popes, the legendary presenter wore a dazzling pair: “But who will this Señor Paolo Vie that I have not heard of before?” Paul VI. And again, dad Pius Xbecame: “Pio ics”.

And of course, it cannot be forgotten Luca Giorato With his “Corriere della sor *a” and a columnist of Italian radio and television as Corrado who said during a radio broadcast in the 1950s: “And now, good listeners, let us send, Richard WagnerCacata delle Walchirie”.

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