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Eight, "Dragons have no clear message".  Green Boss, Giannini's response amazes Grooper - in tempo

Eight, “Dragons have no clear message”. Green Boss, Giannini’s response amazes Grooper – in tempo

Kiata Oriccio

“He was the first Mario Draghi Super is not at the press conference Green bass? This is a clear message. “Director”Print“, Massimo Giannini, Guest at Lily Grooper’s Show,”Eight and a half hours“Its LA7, The government’s forward comment on the obligation of the Green Certificate of Green Certification in all workplaces from October 15: “Anthony Fossie, the world’s leading expert in the scientific community, took Italy as an example. We collect this qualification without dividing us into the Conte-Tragi derby. “Drake won, and this order was passed unanimously like any other precedent. It is true that the League criticizes Salvini for more or less tearful rallies, but in the end the political actions are numbered and the league remains steadfast within the state despite the stomach ache. The quality of Tracy is that he manages to get into the league, albeit with some recessions. ”

When the chief minister was not present at the press conference at the GP, Giannini recalled: “This is part of Drake’s path, and it has already happened. They play their games and the government continues. This is the message he wants to send. The absence of Tragi is like saying that Italy won and the fact that there is no Tragi as a symbol further underscores this idea. The absence of a trachea underscores the collective nature of success. Customization creates damage.

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