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Edoardo Galli wanted to visit an island in Greece

Edoardo Galli wanted to visit an island in Greece

Edoardo Galli has returned to his home in Colico. After 8 days of heartache and worries, his parents took him with them. From March 21, a big sigh of relief for many who were hoping for a happy ending. The news of the discovery of the very young student of the “Liceo Nervi-Ferrari” of Morbegno came yesterday, Friday March 29 at 7.30 am. The young man was tracked down by Polfer inside Milan Central Station. Two passengers recognized him and immediately informed the FS security staff and railway police.

Edoardo was last seen in a Milanese railway yard. The last frame captured by video surveillance cameras shortly before 10 a.m. on the day of his disappearance showed him getting off the train in Morbegno and nearing the exit. From there travel east to the border between Croatia and Montenegro. The young man was searched by the Croatian police at the Karašovići-Sudorina border with Montenegro on the night of March 27, following the activation of all channels of international police cooperation by the Carabinieri of the Lecco Provincial Command. Once he finds Edoardo he decides to return home. When he reached the station and bought the ticket, he was identified and stopped. The hug with his parents and sister that happened a couple of hours later at the Railway Police offices is worth a thousand words.

headed for Greece

“Who saw it?” Interview of the show. The parents, along with their son, wanted to once again thank those who worked hard on the research. “Big thanks to all the people who searched for him, to all the armed forces: the carabinieri, the province, the firefighters, all those who coordinated the searches. And thanks to all the friends, schools, companies, who showed affection and who involved themselves in this research, even unofficially.

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Then it's time to get some clarity. “Where did your son go?” Roy asks the reporter wordlessly. “He had in mind to go to the island of Kyros (a small Cyclades island, an uninhabited island) in Greece. N.T.R), it is a specific place, small and isolated. We understand that he likes to go out in the sun. “I also worried us, because he has a lot of trust in others, but with what is happening, the worry is increasing day by day. Now, fortunately, he is with us. That day, Keros Island, the four of us will go there (including the little sister, N.T.R)”, Father Alessandro said with great relief.