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BeReal became the most downloaded app in the US

Far from the logic of likes, reels and followers, French usage BeRealAlso known as “The Community of Candid Photos”, It became the most downloaded free application in the US App Store in July. Two years after its launch, it counts today 30 million users, has raised a total of $115 million in investments and is valued at $600 million. As stated therein experts of special site PlatformerIts recent boom is aptly called Digitization of InstagramThis has led Meta’s social network to emulate its Chinese competitor more and more, drawing harsh criticism from many of its users. popular.

Launched in early 2020 as a kind of antidote to Instagram style, it invites users At random times, post only one photo per day Signaled by a notification. From that time, users Two minutes to take and post their content with a front photo and selfie, taken simultaneously by the camera. If you post after two minutes, your photos will be tagged as “late” It’s a setting where you can’t see friends’ posts unless you post first See postIn the past Facebook used Slingshot as a messaging app.

So the site is specifically designed to inspireInfluence building Common and the same as traditional social media Developers Says the app BeReal won’t make you famous. The goal of the social network is to literally share one’s life with friends as it happens, without filters, post-production, sponsorships or likes. In fact, Taking a selfie is the only way you can interact with other users’ photos (or, a dual photo taken by the smartphone’s front and rear camera) is shared with the other person.

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So, Instagram and TikTok are competing to get more and more Content creatorBeReal applies the teachings of other successful social networks to attract new users creative control Like Twitter’s 140 characters or Vine’s six seconds. Also, the utility points out A return to intimacy And users’ proximity shows only content shared by friends. In this way, it breaks the social pressure imposed by Instagram or other social networks, which tend to show a shiny and perfect world and make those who cannot share life to the standard required by the feed feel wrong.