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Italians' income is growing again.  Meloni: “Excellent results”

Italians' income is growing again. Meloni: “Excellent results”

After the recent data on employment, new encouraging data has arrived confirming the good work done by the Meloni Government and the more positive health situation in our country. And it is the Prime Minister himself who wants to confirm it with a post published on Facebook: “Excellent results for Italy in the third quarter of 2023. According to the OECD Real household income The per capita rate in Italy increased by1,4%“The Prime Minister believes that this last numerical element is more important.”If we take into account that in the same period the average real income of other OECD countries decreased“, confirms the Prime Minister.

In short it is “Encouraging growthThis is mainly due to the increase in employee wages and self-employment income“The findings from the OECD do nothing but support this in Italy.”Wages are growing, with the hourly wage index rising by 3.1% in 2023 compared to the previous year. Numbers we haven't seen for a long timeMeloni continues with these results.Emphasizing the dynamism of our economy, the skill of our entrepreneurs and workers, but also the positive effects of Policies implemented by the government For families and workers. results – Georgia Meloni concludes – This encourages us to continue with determination on the path we have followed to support those who create wealth and jobs in ItalyAnother blow that is not easy for everyone to take Owls on the left Who have recently been busy attacking the government with sit-ins under the banner, while at the same time forgetting the situation in the real country.

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Looking at the bigger picture, real per capita household income in OECD countries fell by 0.2% in the third quarter of 2023, while real GDP per capita grew by 0.3%. despite of Overall decline11 OECD countries recorded an increase in real household income per capita in the third quarter of 2023. Among these countries, Hungary stands out, which recorded the largest increase (5.5%), after strong growth in employee wages and income from work. Freedom and capital. The other ten recorded declines such as: Spain Which saw the largest contraction (-2.1%) driven by an increase in income and wealth taxes. In essence, Italian household income is growing despite growth in the rest of Europe. “This result is mainly due to the increase in employee wages and self-employed income – says Co-Chair of the ECR Group in the European Parliament, Nicola Procaccini (Italy brothers) -. This data provides greater value for government actions to achieve the goal of increasing wages and salaries opposite direction Which has seen the income base of Italian workers stagnant for more than thirty years“.