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Dr. Nowzaradan, the diet to lose up to 30 kg in 2 months was launched: you just have to remove this food

Dr. Nowzaradan, the diet to lose up to 30 kg in 2 months was launched: you just have to remove this food

The famous surgeon always prescribes a very strict diet, completely excluding certain foods.

We all know him from the famous program of which he is the undisputed champion. Live on the edge-Broadcast in real time For more than 10 years. Dr. Younan Nowzaradan is the most famous doctor on the entire planet.

Although he may sometimes appear harsh with his patients, his great humanity and compassion have allowed him to be loved by those who turn to him to change their lives and by viewers who follow the television documentary series.

Everyone who chooses to participate in a reality show has Weight ranges between 250 and 300 kg. The patient feels the need to make a change in his existence, especially since it may end at any moment due to excess weight and all the physical problems that result from it.

the doctor, Specialized in obesity surgeryfollows his patient on a journey lasting approx One yeardescribes first of all a strict diet with many prohibitions and restrictions.

Diet is necessary to continue

Your weight loss journey begins with a prescriptionNutrition 1200 calories per dayThis allows the patient to lose up to 15 kilograms in just one month. Losing weight is necessary to be able to undergo surgery Gastric bypassWhere part of the patient’s swollen stomach is removed.

There are only three meals included in the diet, so morning and afternoon snacks are not eaten. Furthermore, the doctor recommends exercise of any kind, from walking to the gym. But what makes people who start the journey most desperate is… Power supply rigidityThis is due to the complete elimination of some foods.

Dr. Nowzaradan smiles for the camera while enjoying a cup of tea – Believe Instagram @younannowzaradan –

Forbidden foods

In the diet described by Nozaradan, Any carbohydrates are prohibited: No bread and pasta during lunch and dinner, but vegetables (not all) are welcome. A small amount of vegetables is enough to accompany 140 grams of meat without salt and other seasonings. For those who prefer fish, you can eat it, Avoid sardines and salmon.

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Plus, they totally are Potatoes and legumes are prohibited. For breakfast, it is good to have low-fat yogurt, espresso coffee and 200 ml of skim milk. If you like the savory version, you can make an omelette or one slice of whole wheat bread and bresaola. For dinner, only beans are allowed, but 50 grams. Alternatively, you can eat a boiled egg or white meat, accompanied by peppers, spinach, kale, broccoli, cabbage, eggplant, cucumber and all green leafy vegetables.