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Enemy Fritz: From the semi-finals in Turin to the finals in Davis against Italy

Enemy Fritz: From the semi-finals in Turin to the finals in Davis against Italy

Of all those present in Turin, Fritz was perhaps the least expected, also because his (beautiful) face was the last to get a blast outside his personal dressing room door. He’s not exactly a backup, because Carlos Alcaraz’s loss arrived before the group draw, however When he lost in Paris-Bercy to the retired Gilles Simon, his chances of a place in Turin officially vanished.. So much so that the first thing he did was flee to the Swiss Alps for a few days’ vacation. Instead, he has only 72 hours left in the luxury spa booked with his partner, because the ATP call has arrived and It led to a story that attempted to follow the feat of David Nalbandian, winner of the 2005 Shanghai Tennis Cup (it was called that at the time). The Argentine had finished the year as No. 12 in the race, turned down the invitation to go to China to make the reserve and returned to Argentina, ready to leave for Patagonia with friends, for a week of fishing and fun. But then, after losing (Roddick, Hewitt, Safin), the ATP had to call him back, begging him to fly to Shanghai. After 24 hours of travel and 11 hours of time difference, he appeared on the other side of the world just in time, lost the first match against Federer. But then he defeats Correa, Ljubicic and Davydenko before getting his revenge on Roger, who is in the final. He came from two sets down to win the fifth game of a tiebreaker.

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However, Nalbandian has been big for a while now, with a Wimbledon final and a lot more under his belt. Fritz, on the other hand, has only recently hit the big circuit, returning from the top 10 in the US and contributing to his girlfriend Morgan Riddle’s rising popularity. since feb The blonde who accompanied him for two and a half years decided to become a kind of tennis influenceWith the goal of giving our sport a greater resonance than it currently receives in the United States. Thus, not a day goes by without it, through social media, the joy of life does not appear to those who frequent the circuit, To introduce young people to a behind-the-scenes look naturally becomes more interesting (and richly privileged) in connection with the accomplishments of a comrade. After Australia, California, Florida, Monte Carlo, Paris, London, New York, again London, Tokyo, Vienna and again Paris and Turin, her life as a batsman took her to Malaga. Where the Americans have good reasons to consider themselves the favorites against Italy, and also to look forward to beating the entire competition. Fritz was signing to win the cup. For him it will be a kind of dedication, for American tennis a precious (and expected) sign of recovery. And for moorrgs, it’s one of the coolest content he has to offer to his 400,000 followers spread between Instagram and TikTok.