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#GFVIP: stasera la nona puntata porterà a galla diverse verità!

#GFVIP: Tonight, Episode 9 will highlight several facts! – Big Brother VIP

Tonight, Monday October 17Prime time will be broadcast Channel 5 The ninth episode of Big Brother VIP!

Mosul Alfonso SignorenI, surrounded by columnists Orita Berti And the Sonia BruganelliYou will face a new date full of surprises, facts and ups and downs. Julia Salmi It will be the bridge between studying #GFVIP And the comments of people on the Web, to discover, live, the public’s reactions to what is happening at home.

Tonight, Carolina Marconi He will receive a very important surprise and will have the opportunity to announce his story, tell his battle and his strength.

The knot will reach the head of the older brother: Nikita Bellison Amidst a storm of gossip and dirty looks. Some important people attacked her, others got clarification, but others have not yet encountered. Will Episode Nine be the time to clarify?

Rival on TV with Gielle de Donna And the Antonino SpinalbesWhich of them will be the crowd’s favourite?

Once again the relationship and rapprochement between them Eduardo Donnamaria And the Antonella Fiordelici They seem bothered by the uncomfortable presence of Antonino. We will find out, and live, what consequences this triangle has generated.

and then Pamela PratiWe’ll come back to talk about it Mark Caltagirone!

All that’s left is waiting 21:30 Watch the new and surprising episode of Big Brother VIP live!

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