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Beware of the Tax Alert: Who Should Pay (and What to Risk)

Beware of the Tax Alert: Who Should Pay (and What to Risk)

The calls to comply with the annual announcement are coming soon value added tax relating to the 2020 tax year. In fact, in the next few hours, the tax authority will send a specific notification addressed to all Italian taxpayers who, after checking the data of electronic invoices, telecommunications charges and Ester meter, have not yet sent or submitted the above-mentioned declaration incomplete, Specifically without filling in the field of active processes (VE).

What happens to those who receive the alert?

As explained by Italia Oggi, the taxpayers who will receive such Notice They will have the opportunity to check their position and, if they do not move, to comply with the law through positive penance. Furthermore, data received in communications may be made available to Fiamme Gialle.

This is according to what was ordered yesterday by the director of the Revenue Agency Ernesto Maria Ruffini with a specific ruling. The correspondence will be sent to the respective taxpayer’s digital domicile, but will also be available in the personal “tax drawer” on the website of the same authority.

Taxpayers who will receive the tax alert in any case will have the opportunity to request further clarification, and also through the intermediaries responsible for the transmission of VAT returns, or to challenge the notification by reporting specific items that the tax authorities have not yet noticed, in any case indicators contained in the same communication.

In the event of a breach, the document specifies, the only way to return to the system is to intervene within 90 days of the April 30, 2021 deadline, or by next July 29 (you can therefore benefit from the reduction of the fine to a tenth of the minimum).

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On the other hand, if the field of active transactions (VE part) is not filled, it is possible to return in order during the tax period verification deadline (the longer the time between violation and settlement and the heavier the penalty stipulated will be).

The active repentance, we still read in the alletra del Fisco, it is a viable course even after the discovery of the violation: in such a case, however, reducing the fine to one-fifth the minimum