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Charlotte Casiraghi betrays herself and shows everyone the engagement ring – about her

Charlotte Casiraghi betrays herself and shows everyone the engagement ring – about her

Is Charlotte de Casiraghi officially engaged? This clearly shows him betraying himself in the Monte Carlo GP Engagement ring To Charlene Monaco and everyone sees her.

Charlotte Casiraghi is engaged and happy again

Charlotte Casiraghi looked gorgeous and cheerful during the Monte Carlo F1 GP and not just because Charles Leclerc won for Ferrari. Daughter Caroline Monaco Living an idyllic time, at least that’s how it appears from its latest public release. And it all depends on the fact that she fell in love again. And now a ring that looks like an engagement ring has appeared.

In short, since she left her husband Dmitry Rassam It has blossomed again. It is clear that she freed herself from marital tensions and from a situation that no longer suited her, and was able to freely live her love for the writer Nicola Matteo. We saw him at the Cannes Film Festival, where he was nothing short of brilliant, although his brother Pierre Casiraghi and his sister-in-law Beatrice Borromeo did not refrain from participating in the screening of the film produced by Dmitry.

Charlotte Casiraghi, from denim looks to Chanel minis

However, Charlotte looked stunning at the weekend too. At rehearsal she appeared with a look Total denimObviously, from Chanel, whose brand ambassador he was, he was in an enviable class. The outfit consists of a crop top and jeans, as well as the brand’s signature two-tone ballet flats. Beatrice Borromeo responded in a denim dress by Dior. But Charlotte’s clothes were more original and rockin’.

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On Sunday of the race, Casiraghi appeared in a basic look, in this case also from Chanel, belonging to the spring-summer 2024 collection, consisting of White top, black mini And two of Black lambskin sandals, priced at 1,197 euros. Her eldest son, Rafael, accompanied her with actor Gad El Maleh. For him, this is the first time he has attended the Monte Carlo Grand Prix with his mother and he seems really happy, even if a little scared.

Charlotte Casiraghi shows off her engagement ring to Charlene Monaco

But the real surprise is when Charlotte Casiraghi appears, talking to Charlene, Princess of Monaco, and Alberto, the princess A ring on the left ring finger Who has every appearance of existence Engagement ring. Carolina’s daughter is extremely happy, and she has an endless smile as she shows off the jewel with an almost ostentatious gesture. While Charlene looks at him intently and smiles at her niece. Even Alberto does not remain indifferent.

The camera caught Charlotte showing off her engagement ring, which, if it was, could only be Nicolas Mathieu’s. The writer has not yet been formally introduced to the Grimaldi family, at least not publicly. However, this seems to be the first step towards being allowed into the Rock, with all due respect Caroline Monaco, who considered it inappropriate For his very leftist political ideas. But if Alberto and Charlene agree, not much can be done.

If Charlotte wants to secretly announce the engagement, I was betrayed by the paparazzi Who immortalized her as she proudly flaunted the ring. But again, no official statement was received.

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