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Dominica in "After Covid ..." Pierpaolo Celery, with the numbered days, announcement by the Undersecretary - Il Tempo

Dominica in “After Covid …” Pierpaolo Celery, with the numbered days, announcement by the Undersecretary – Il Tempo

Giorgia Beretti

ring Sunday at Broadcasting on May 16th, begins with the announcement of profNo to Policy From Birpaolo Celery. The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Of Mario Draghi’s government, told Rai 1 that he was leaving the political scene Once the health emergency has ended. Now a regular guest on Mara Venier’s afternoon show, Sileri replies at the presenter’s request as follows about his future: “The only place I am applying to is mine. In the operating room at the end of the semester. Nobody believes that but me I will not continue in politics. After Covid, my mission was over, it was like an extramarital love affair. I cheated on surgery for a moment, but now I go back to my first wife, or rather to the second because my wife comes first. “

An interview that also appears to bode well for the small screen given Celery’s comments on the pandemic’s progress. The casualty numbers – which Venier announces at the start of the episode – are in Collati. Even the undersecretary echoes the presenter: “The numbers are always improving, week after week they keep dropping. We are gradually overcoming the virus and now we can breathe a sigh of relief. The situation is under control, things are going well thanks to the research and what has been done, all this is possible thanks to vaccines. The worst should be behind us, as the situation is currently under control in all western countries.

Now infections can increase among the youngest, especially among those under the age of sixteen, for whom vaccination is not currently provided. ”Then he continues with great optimism about the post-reopening scenario:“ Intensive care tends to void and every week it decreases more and more. This means that in hospitals there is again room for diseases other than Covid, such as tumors, and the routine interventions that have been allocated in this period to give priority to emergencies. The virus should be a memory. ”- Celery says.“ A bad nightmare ”- The hostess continues, remembering the numbers of deaths caused by the Coronavirus.

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Big laughs, on the other hand, at the end. Aunt Mara and Celery let themselves go to private confessions to give life to the gag to laugh at the experience as a new father. Celery recounts the nightly ups and downs of parents who struggle to manage the baby, while Finnier laughs out loud.