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Anna Tatangelo, “escaping” from Italy: the reason is moving

Anna Tatangelo is one of the most loved singers in the Italian show business and the merit is undoubtedly her beautiful voice. Don’t forget her sculptural body that allows her to charm those who have followed her since her early beginnings with music.

Unfortunately, these days haven’t been easy for her, so she didn’t think twice about it To prepare your bags with a one-way ticket. Advise followers to tell a story about her Instagram that did not go unnoticed. Here are all the details of what happens to her.

Anna Tatangelo crying –

Anna Tatangelo has a career worthy of all respect. Since she was in her teens, she has entered the world of music on her fingertips, thus having her own space. I have performed many times on stage Sanremo Festival Always delivers great pieces. He enriched his resume with many other work commitments, including running a program focused on the wedding day.

As for his private life after two years of relationship with her livio korean It came to an end. It wasn’t a good moment for Tatangelo who unfortunately also had to deal with her mother’s farewell. Ms Palmyra Vinci died of illness at the age of 67. From the sad day until today, the singer chose silence and is now posting a story to show her state of mind.

“They say it’s good for the soul, have a nice journey”

“They say travel is good for the soul. Especially in some special moments of our lives. Have a nice journey with me.”that’s what he wrote in the caption for Instagram story. Specifically, it’s a selfie taken inside the plane. On the framed table, he put two passports, and from this we can conclude that Destination outside Europe.

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In fact, you didn’t specify where you would go or who you would go with. Seven days ago, he made a post always dedicated to his mother by writing the following sentence: “Very severe pain, hi mom”. As a result, fans are happy to hear that their idol has decided to pull the plug.

I pay and withdraw using Livio Cori

During an interview with Weekly FromThe singer explained that she tried in every way to save her relationship with the rapper. They spent several days together on a boat in the summer, However, even this attempt did not help.

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However, he has decided to devote himself to his son and work Now he has to accept the absence of the most important person in his life. He sure knows he can count on the support of both his fans and loved ones.