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Do you want to unsubscribe from email?  New Gmail solution

Do you want to unsubscribe from email? New Gmail solution

With the new feature launched by Google on Gmail, it is now possible to unsubscribe from emails more easily: here's how.

Among the many solutions offered by Google, Gmail is undoubtedly one of the most popular. BigG's free email service has conquered a growing audience of users over the years. Credit also goes to the many improvements that Google wanted to introduce To make using Gmail more convenient and satisfying. Even today, the Mountain View giant knows how to meet the needs of those who use their email service regularly.

Gmail, you can now unsubscribe from emails instantly

Just a few weeks ago news leaked that Google wants to work on a solution that will allow users to do this Canceling your email subscriptions is much easier. We did not have enough time to understand the details of this interesting innovation before its arrival was practically confirmed.

With Google's new solution, unsubscribing from emails on Gmail is simple and fast (

In fact, some users have noticed a “unsubscribe” in the Gmail application. So Google decided to put this button Below the line where the email subject line appearspractically directly above the written content.

An excellent innovation, one launched by Google, which now allows all Gmail users to unsubscribe from the newsletter in a much simpler and faster way. What are the changes compared to the past? Easy to say.

In fact, until now, to unsubscribe from emails, it was necessary to follow a process consisting of many other steps. As a first step, you had to click on the three-dot menu Located at the top of a received message on Gmail. Once this is done, the user will have to click on the “Cancel Subscription” option.

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Instead it was possible Scroll to the end of the content To always find the “unsubscribe” link if the email sender includes it at the end of the written content.

The new version debuts on iOS: all it takes is one touch

With this new feature introduced by Google, everything becomes easier. You no longer need to click on the three-dot menu or even scroll to the bottom of the written content. In fact, all users have to do is Just click once on this feature To unsubscribe from unwanted emails.

This is essentially a repeat of what was already possible with the web version of Gmail, Always thanks to a dedicated button. In this case too, in fact, the button is located below the subject line.

Google wanted to introduce this new feature first on iOS. At the present time, the timing of the launch of the new feature on Android is not known.