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Do they call you nij * me? You laugh at them and disarm them


They said that and did it. “Bio” and “amedeo” subtracted the n word for the last episode of “very happy it will be“: We should not be ashamed of saying the word ‘neg * o’, because evil is important in the word, and the intention counts. And if the intention is bad, then it must be condemned. Political correctness has exploded or erupted. ” The curtain is typical of a couple with Amedeo who has a responsibility to say what he thinks about the words “forbidden” and Bio who tries to relieve instead: “Don’t go and interfere with this rhetoric, they are taking away the program.” But Amedeo does not suit:They want us to believe that civilization is in words, but it is all in the head. In order to heal ourselves from the ignorance of those who say insultingly, that’s the problem, we have only one solution: self-mocking.

Amedeo Monologue

The graphic displays all the stereotypes, from the N-word to common phrases about Jews (“They are stingy, they are stingy”) to the word “Riccione”: Even Riccione can no longer be said, but the intention is always the problem. So we have to fight the ignorant and the idiots. If they call you Riccione, laugh in their faces because evil does not reside in the language and in the world except in the brain: it is the intention. The ignorant feeds on your resentment. . They don’t leave Gay Pride alone either: “But you don’t need Gay Pride anymore, but have you ever seen me with a sign on the street yelling” Pussycat Cheer? “Gay Pride is no longer needed. Are we disgusting heterosexuals? And on Alessandro Cheeky Pawnee: “It’s a piece … from Mer .., insensitive.” Hitler: “They say he’s gay. He wasn’t sensitive.”

Monologue Bios

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The final decision to paint is the reaction of Pew, to whom he explains how things are going in our country: “Amedeo, but did you understand that we are here in Italy? You have to do your own thing. You said some words and concepts that could be misunderstood. Why did you do that? You never have to expose yourself and do you know why? In Italy. People see us a certain way?” , Don’t say something that could be misunderstood. Take care of your own affairs. Do you remember all the sacrifices we made? Tomorrow someone criticizes us and we disappear into the void. Think Jerry Scottie Have you heard something out of place of Jerry Scottie?

The gloss is for Amedeo who agrees with Bio and begins paraphrasing the previously mentioned sentences: “The Jews are wasted. Alessandro Cecchi Baoni is a good person and behind a great man there is always a great woman. You are right, we are in Italy, forget it.”


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