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Do plants really “like” music?  What experts reveal, few know

Do plants really “like” music? What experts reveal, few know

Some scientists have revealed one of nature's greatest secrets: Do plants like to listen to music? Here's what they discovered.

Plants are particularly popular organisms because they have bright, vibrant colors. And on Earth there too Many different typesAccording to experts there should be more than 386,000. The latter include trees, shrubs, grasses, climbers, ferns, mosses, mosses and many other variations. So what is the origin of these wonderful plants?

Researchers at the University of Oregon recently confirmed that the first plants appeared 460 million years ago. The ambitious result was obtained thanks to fossil remains found in the US state of Tennessee. Instead, other scientists looked for evidence that plants love music.

Plants and music, that's the truth

According to some experts, there are melodies that lead living plant organisms to grow better. In particular, a test conducted on 100 playlists downloaded from Spotify showed that plants particularly like songs with a speed of 114 beats per minute. And not only that: these delicate and beautiful organisms prefer songs With an average duration of 4 minutes.

However, in the popular playlist there are many other surprises, which also relate to the rock genre. In recent years, many people have claimed that plants grow more lush when they listen to music regularly, but is all this true? In the past, for example, few believed these rumours.

Plants and music –
Music and plants
Plants can love music

But today, science has finally decided to conduct an in-depth study of the possible relationship between music and the plant world. So some researchers created a custom playlist, tailored specifically to plant growth. In fact, inside are the artists and artistic types who typically have the most success with live plant organisms.

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after that, They have created a real taxonomy Admiration, where they put the most beloved songs and their characteristics. So what was the result of the experiment? First, scientists understood that plants prefer songs with 114 beats per minute, a unit of frequency. Furthermore, it should average 4 minutes in length and give off a popular vibe.

The latter is therefore the most preferred type for vegetarians: in fact, there are 1,233 popular songs in the playlist. In second place is the folk genre with 733 songs, while in third place you can find indie pop with 721 songs. In conclusion, the experiment showed that plants particularly like calm pop tunes. Where does this genre of rock music fit in then? In the special classification, rocks occupy fourth place. And at the bottom there's hip-hop, Dance as an alternative to R&B. The most beloved artist in the world of plants is without a doubt Mort Garcon, a musician known above all for his film soundtracks.