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Didn't you buy it at full price?  Then don't complain, says the manager

Didn’t you buy it at full price? Then don’t complain, says the manager

The Canceling Days Gone 2 upgradeHighlighted by a recent report by Jason Schreyer, it continues to spark debate on the internet. The news and reasons have not yet been formalized, but Sony has apparently not been satisfied with the acquisitions and Average grade on metacritic71, stop at temptation a little.

In the wake of this news, the latest words Creative director One day ago John GarvinA guest a few days ago on the show hosted by David Jaffe (creator of God of War). Garvin, we remember, He recently left Sony Bend Studio Together with Director Jeff Ross, but as he explained during the chat, that has nothing to do with Days Gone’s results. The decision was made for personal and exclusive reasons.

Here, however, we want to emphasize another announcement from Creative directorWhich frank he has He invited players to buy games at full price: “I have an opinion of something your audience might find interesting [riferendosi a Jaffe], And that it might bother someone. If you like a game, buy it at full c *** lo price! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard of players saying “I’m going to take it for a discount, and wait for it to come to Plus”, or something like that. “.

After that he added: “I just say that You shouldn’t complain if the game doesn’t get a sequel Or if not supported at launch. God of War sold millions of copies at launch and you know how it ended, Days Gone didn’t. I express my personal views as a developer. I don’t work for Sony, and I don’t know the numbers. “.

According to Garvin, buying games at launch at full price is the best way to support developers. Days Gone has seen the number of players increase over time, thanks to discounts and access to the PlayStation Plus Collection, and Very soon it will also arrive on my pc, But all of this has clearly not proven enough to convince Sony to fund a sequel.

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