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Indonesia's goals on all fronts - OA Sport

Determined men’s quarter-finals and women’s semi-finals – OA Sport

The Thomas and Uber Badminton Cup Finals, is the most prestigious team tournament, for males and females respectively, in the world, comparable in importance to the World Cup: on the sixth day of competitions, The group stage for men concludes And they argue Women’s Quarter-finals.

Thomas Cup

in a group C China triumphed over the top by beating India 4-1, but both qualified for the quarter-finals, while in group d Japan beat Malaysia 4-1, but in this case also both qualify for the quarter-finals, and finally the match between Canada and England was not played due to England’s abandonment of the tournament.

group C
China and India 4-1

group d
Japan – Malaysia 4-1
Canada and England Undisputed for England

Quarter-final program
Indonesia and Malaysia
Denmark and India
Thailand and China
South Korea and Japan

uber cup

three from today Quarter-finals expires in 3-0: The Japan wipes out India Tomorrow he will challenge South Korea that got rid of the landowners in DenmarkFinally, the China destroys Chinese Taipei. To face the Chinese in the semi-finals will be Thailand, beating Indonesia 3-2.

Japan and India 3-0
South Korea – Denmark 3-0
Thailand – Indonesia 3-2
China – China Taipei 3-0

semi-final program
Japan and South Korea
Thailand and China

Photo: La Presse

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