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Dates, amounts and increases: All about May pensions

Dates, amounts and increases: All about May pensions

May will be a particularly good month for you RetireesIn fact, some increases are expected to be paid on May 2, which is when banking services become available after the May 1 holiday. However, there are some specific cases in which the check will be paid sooner. Here is all the information about Payment of pensionsin May.

Dates and calendar

Account holders Post office They will be able to Receive in advance Trust retirement. This situation actually happened in April. However, disbursement in May will take place between April 30th and the 1st of the month. Regarding cash withdrawals, it will be possible to make them according to the regular calendar organized by the first letters of the beneficiaries’ surnames, as is always the case. The date is published by INPS, and payment will take place on May 2nd.


The amounts will be calculated, as has been done since January 2024, with A Revaluation 5.4%. We remind you that the 100% revaluation is only for income up to four times the minimum payment. So, in May, retirees will receive Greater examination Compared to 2023 thanks to the Irpef repair and new braces. Those with income between €15,001 and €28,000 in 2024 will pay 2% less than ErbevAfter it was merged into the 23% segment after the cancellation of the 25% segment. Furthermore, those with incomes of up to €15,000 will receive a €20 increase while those earning €28,000 a year will receive an additional €260. In fact, the IRPEF payment is €6,440, instead of €6,700. Below is a table of amounts and increases, group by group:

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  • €1,000 (5.4%) Total €54 per month;
  • €1,500 (5.4%) Total €81 per month;
  • €2,000 (5.4%) Total €108 per month;
  • €2,500 (4.59%), total €114.75 per month;
  • €3,000 (2.86%) Total €85.80 per month;
  • ​€3,500 (2.53%) Total €88.55 per month;
  • €4,000 (2.53%) Total €101.20 per month;
  • €5,000 (2%) Total €100 per month;
  • €6,000 (1.19%) Total €71.40 per month.


Regarding fiscal taxable services, regional and municipal surcharges relating to the year 2023 are also withheld from the May installment, in addition to the monthly IRPEF.

Furthermore, the regional and municipal surcharge is refunded in 11 installments, from January to November of the year following the year you indicate.