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Daisy Osako, the last discus throw and equals the Italian record

Daisy Osako, the last discus throw and equals the Italian record

The 25-year-old from Turin reached 63.66, the same measure as Bergamo’s Agnese Maffeis in June 1996, more than 25 years ago, and managed to qualify as an outstanding fifth

He set the record on the most important occasion of his career: Daisy Osakio’s fly-away record, equaling the Italian record that has held for 25 years. up to 63.66. The same measurement was taken by Agnes Maffeis of Bergamo at the Milan Arena on June 12, 1996, more than 25 years ago. The 25-year-old Piedmont player, in the qualifiers, missed the first attempt (52.26), but scored the second goal (the third invalid). Direct qualification to the final is invalid, as it was set at an exorbitant 64.00 and only reached by American Valerie Allman with 66.42, and by Indian Kamalpreet Kaur with 64.00 to be exact. But for a place among the twelve who will fight for medals, absolutely yes. The financier will appear on Monday with the fifth best lot size. She was also preceded by the great Croatian Sandra Berkowicz (63.75) and Germany’s Christine Budens (63.75).

What a story

For a girl of Nigerian parents and a four-year criminal justice student at Angelo State University, in Texas, in the United States, this is the partial culmination of a career that has waited sharp for several seasons. The progress is notable, because the staff was “off” at 61.69, a metric – already the second Italian ever – to have won at the 2019 Naples Universiade. But after a low-profile season, he was growing in status, reporting it to the divorced Rovereto at the end of June When I got to 61.55. Even olympic exploit. one day. This time he jumps to the headlines only for his athletic qualities and not, as happened in July 2018, on the eve of the European Championships in Berlin, and then finished with the prestigious fifth, at Moncalieri, he was a victim of the night. Ethnic aggression by throwing eggs, which resulted in the injury of the cornea of ​​one of the eyes, has become a national issue.

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