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Cupertino's appeal against access to external websites and stores -

Cupertino’s appeal against access to external websites and stores –

the operation Apple vs. Epic Games It was largely disbanded in favor of Apple, so much so that the cover company called it a “slim victory,” but an important aspect instead went in favor of Epic Games, or so-called Ruling inconsistent with “anti-routing”, which requires the company to give developers access to stores and sites within individual apps, which Apple has filed against appeal.

Judge Gonzalez Rogers awarded Epic Games a partial win in the trial, which would otherwise have been largely in Apple’s favour, requiring Apple to rescind or change rules that require developers not to be able to send it back to Apple. App Store External Links within applications.

At the judge’s request, and with the prior consent of users, developers should be free to include links and links to sites and structures outside of the App Store in their apps, including management systems. liquefaction or storage specific. That’s one point in Epic Games’ favour, but it’s still an important victory from the software house’s point of view.

However, all this can be blocked for a rather long time, since Apple is appealing against this decision, asking to block it until it is reviewed by the court.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

Apple demands this by taking advantage of the need toConsumer Protection and protecting its program to “counter” the rapidly evolving legal, technological and economic problems.

Apple also considers it unnecessary to adopt new anti-routing regulations because they would be redundant, as they could have already been removed following Cameron’s lawsuit against Apple that surfaced earlier. However, this seems like a real legal strategy on Apple’s part, considering how this modification of agreements with developers was not implemented immediately after the previous process (which was resolved by a simple “clarification” of the guidelines, not by repealing the rules that imposed anti directive) but only added later to be useful in the latter case, as reported by The Verge.

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The A major problemFor Apple, the most likely possibility appears to be that the new rules to be adopted within the App Store guidelines, given trial indications against Epic Games, could lead to links to third-party stores and app store monetization systems. From this point of view, Apple is taking advantage of the risks that users may incur when leaving a secure and controlled environment such as that of the App Store, and in this way tries to gain time and possibly modify or remove the required differences.