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Covid, "Pfizer Vaccine-Dipped Swabs".  Who is behind this lie - Libero Quotidiano

Covid, “Pfizer Vaccine-Dipped Swabs”. Who is behind this lie – Libero Quotidiano

They protest and gossip and visit the front pages of Libero too. Planet No vax, keyboard and black square is variable and varied. And you can see that they don’t know how to pass the time apart from setting a date to make the weekend for Italians a gymnasium between more or less authorized shows and raucous parades.

Divergent rallies now appear in chats and Internet platforms (the day before yesterday on Telegram), the pages of the Tarot. The alleged front page of our newspaper was also altered in part in the Vittorio Feltri Fund and published in order to arouse indignation.

On the false start, “shiny” protesters assume the “evil Draghi government”‘s latest idea of ​​”randomly dipping swabs in Pfizer’s vaccine.” not written.

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