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Receipts and points of sale, from 160 to 320 euros per merchant

Receipts and points of sale, from 160 to 320 euros per merchant

Tax exemption for the benefit of virtuous merchants. The government rewards whoever is on the other side of the cash register this time.

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a Award For virtuous merchants, for those who try to simplify the task of the state regarding tracing of money, for those who do not have accounts or something else to hide. The tax credit in these situations will prove to be the reward for impeccable behavior dealer To make it as clear as possible continent, State and health, in the sense of their business.

To purchase or rent, for example, tools that allow access to electronic forms of payment, such as POS Or programs that allow a different management of all Accounting Regarding his activity, the reward is already stipulated by Budget Law for 2020. Tax credit up to €160, means the reimbursable spending limit per merchant.

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Merchant rewards will provide great benefit throughout the trading process

The resulting tax credit for dealer The spending limit of 160 euros as expected equals:

  • 70% For subjects with revenues and fees in the previous period tax up to 200 thousand euros;
  • 40% With returns or fees from 200 miles to one million euros;
  • 10% With revenues or fees ranging from 1 to 5 million euros.

Differently, however, with regard to Electronic Receipt Bonus To purchase tools that facilitate electronic payment and therefore store and transfer automatically real estate agency, A maximum 320 EUR for each trader. In this case, the tax deduction will be: