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Cough and sputum alarm device |  Medicines are rare: you can prepare this effective drink yourself

Cough and sputum alarm device | Medicines are rare: you can prepare this effective drink yourself

In case of coughing

There has been a shortage of cough and expectorant medicines for weeks. Don’t worry, here is the first remedy that you can prepare yourself.

The side effects of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict are beginning to appear not only in the countries involved, but all over the world. the There is a shortage of medicines now For some time and therefore in flu season is not good news. In case Cough and phlegmNature comes to our rescue, though Very effective syrup Your problem will be solved. The nice thing is that You can prepare it yourself.

What helps you in case of coughing and phlegm

The physiotherapy that we will introduce to you shortly, is only recommended for those He has no other diseases clearly. First of all, it is always advisable to contact your doctor first, who will prescribe all medications special exams to monitor the situation. Also because if neglected, coughing can result Serious consequences such as bronchitis and bronchial pneumonia.

Also you have to be sure Don’t be allergic For natural medicine ingredients, if you are not sure, you’d better make the first Allergy tests. This is advice that you should apply not only to get the treatment in this article, but in general to be sure of what you can and cannot eat. the Anaphylactic shock It is a dangerous situation that you will necessarily have to prevent.

DIY miracle drink

In this period lack of medicines, in the case of coughing and sputum if normal mucolytic and sedative syrup, Still can’t get it, here is a file natural therapy which you can prepare yourself. You just need to buy some Fresh sage And that’s it.

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This particular “vegetable”, in addition to being perfect with gnocchi and butter, has some Anti-inflammatory, balsamic and expectorant properties noticeable. Depending on your state of health, you can choose whether to prepare a sage drink or a sage infusion.

sage syrup
Sage saves us

Let’s start with the last one, to set up a filesage infusionYou will have to get 2 grams of fresh leaves and let it steep for at least 5 minutes in a cup full of boiling water. Then you have to go and filter the mixture “et voilĂ ”, your natural remedy it’s ready. You can even consume your own herbal tea 3 times max Per day.

As for her sage syrup Instead, you will have to boil half a liter of water and add (while boiling) 100 grams of fresh sage leaves. Everything will be left to rest for a full day. Then you will have to strain the mixture, add 500 grams of honey and bring it to a boil again. Cook it for another 15 minutes and as soon as the syrup cools down, you can eat it here too 3 times a day.