Monday, July 22, 2024

A misunderstanding between Oriana Marzoli and Gielle de Donna – the VIP older brother


Jealousy Oriana Marzoli from direction Luca Onestini Maybe spoil the friendship with Gael de Donna?

After telling Luca Onestini an annoyed response from Oriana, the two VIPs decided to address the issue and clear things up immediately. “I was disappointed” Jiel starts berating Oriana for being angry at her for borrowing a shirt from Luca.

Oriana is stunned by Gael’s words and immediately clears things up, making it clear to her that he was only joking and that she is not at all upset about the relationship she has with Onestini. “The way you told me doesn’t sound like a joke.” Jiyel replies, looking for more confirmation.

Oriana reassures her and repeats: “You can wear whatever you want, I was just kidding.” Due to their misunderstanding and the ensuing hours of estrangement, the two friends promise to commit so that it will never happen again: “If something ever bothers you, take me aside and tell me about it.”

With dialogue and ease, The Question is permanently archived and the friendship between Oriana and Jill remains steadfast.

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